Francophone residents or tourists, alone or in groups, children, young or old, you want to discover or rediscover the eternal city through original proposals and varied visits, conferences cycles sites Weekends in Italy Activities for children, custom applications, Openings exceptional.
Founded in 2006 by a group of French Rome, fascinated by the inexhaustible character of its wonders, and traces the history, the association has the objective to explore the city and its surroundings. Around various interests: history, art, urban planning, cultural, spiritual, contemporary ... in the company of professional guides, but also experts with the help of learned societies and enthusiasts who have at heart to share their discoveries.

Visite the Farnese Palazzo

Visitez le Palais Farnèse

The Embassy of France in Italy entrusted the responsibility of our association visits Farnese palace, jewel of the Renaissance in Rome. Visits can discover:   the atrium Sangallo , the cortile , the garden , the Salon d'Hercule with its tapestries inspired frescoes of Raphael and the so-called "Camerini" and the first work of Annibale Carracci within Palazzo Farnese.

Visit Rome

Visitez le Palais Farnèse

Each month, the website offers a program of activities, which can register directly (usually € 10 each), after paying an annual fee of € 5 per person.
A program that all members are invited to contribute, through their suggestions, heart strokes and skills.

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Our association

Each month our website offers an activity program. You can join every event of your interest (for a cost of ca. 10 euros per person) as a member of our association. Year membership costs 5 euros per person (only persons who are over 18 after 1 january 2013 are admitted).